What I Watch/Read/Listen To: Saving money, or changing how I think about it

I wanted to start a regular piece about how I use media. Not to get too media theory-nerdy, but one of my favourite media theories is the Uses and Gratification theory because it seeks to explain how we as consumers use the media to gratify our needs. And this is one of the things I’d like to focus on in this upcoming year; how we use the media and alternatively how we get used by the media. So each week (time allowing) I will be looking at how I use media to fulfil something whether that be fashion inspiration or a certain mood. This will hopefully allow us to share our own media loves and recommendations.  So first up, saving money.

A lot of the conversations I have been having in the new year have been around saving money. A thought which is in contradiction to a lot of the other media I consume. I read a lot of fashion blogs, scroll through Instagrams and binge on magazines. Here are a couple of things I have been using to help inspire a more conscious use of cash.

Sugar Mama TV (YouTube channel)– I watch all of her videos. Canna Campbell seems so into it and supportive and successful. A great role-model for what she’s talking about. Sometimes my sister and I reference Canna if we are trying something new, developing a habit or spending money on something that we probably shouldn’t be. I also like the fact she’s into who she is and not compromising i.e making people give up everything to save the cash, but making us think about our values and priorities.

Lynne Twist Super Soul Sundays Conversation (podcast on the app) – I only listened to this today and it’s a totally different way to think about money. Which is basically one of her main points, that it’s a mindset.  Lynne and Oprah talk about the idea of never enough and consumer culture. I listened to this at a good time for me, but I think it’s one of those things you definitely need to be in the mood for.

‘I Tracked Every Dollar I Spent For a Month — and Sh*t Got Real’ (article) – Due to the algorithm of the internet I have been presented with a lot of articles as to ways you can save money. This article,  resonated the most because I think talking about money is awkward and something I like to avoid.

Honestly, I originally just called this piece ‘saving money’ but it dawned on me that all of these talk about changing your headspace.

As always, up for some recommendations, what media do you turn to in order to help you save, or, change your mind set about money?



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