Is YouTube Finally Calling Itself Out On The BS?

What I Eat in a Day videos are just another bizarre yet popular genre provided to us by YouTube. As far as I understand it, the YouTuber goes through what they eat in a day, generally in the style of a vlog. I imagine these started as another area of everyday life to be turned into entertainment, perhaps viewers were curious about the eating habits of these people, in terms of health or fitness, or even just another area of their documented life we aim to relate to, or replicate. Not to mention another arena to add to the arsenal of personal branding.

Lately however there seems to be a new type of video emerging, ‘What I really eat in a day’, the main reason I find these videos interesting is this; YouTubeseems to be calling itself out on its own bullshit. Whether this is just another clickbait style ploy- I’m not sure.

Many lifestyle and beauty bloggers portray lifestyles viewers wish to recreate, whereas once upon a time these lifestyles were meant to provide inspiration but overall emulate the lives of their viewers, YouTuber’s seem to have reached a level of success which now seems to mean their lives, or at least their wardrobes, rival those traditionally seen on celebrities and in magazines (though neither of these categories seem to be immune to bloggers).

I just wonder if these videos aim to poke holes in the façade, they seem reminiscent of J.Lo’s ‘I’m still Jenny from the block’, as if admitting that they eat donuts we are all meant to swat our foreheads whilst chuckling, thinking to ourselves, well they are indeed human. Of course they bloody are. But truth is, even if JLo grew up in the Bronx, I am pretty sure that’s not where she resides today*

And I see this from two angles. Firstly, I am aware of the crucial role that YouTuber’s play in the lives of their viewers. Currently writing my thesis on this topic I do understand that the value of these videos goes beyond views and sponsored posts. Perhaps the mirroring of all of our eating habits does normalise them. You know, we stuff our faces, head to the gym, have a salad for dinner whilst they do the same? That kind of thing?

Secondly however, I can’t help but feel this type of content just gives people another thing for people to compare themselves to. You know wondering why we all can’t afford designer donuts and designer bags?

*I adore JLo and am not taking away from her work ethic and just general strong woman portrayal.


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