Will a redesign help save Vogue Australia?

I initially typed this question out prior to conducting any research on whether Vogue’s numbers were dropping. But in fact, according to Roy Morgan’s research. Vogue Australia’s readership has risen 0.9% between over a 12 month period from June 2016 to July 2017. Personally, I find this shocking. Whilst I would describe myself as a fiend for this medium, the majority of people I know either drop in and out of purchasing a title or do not read them at all.

I first started collecting Vogue in 2003, and give or take a few issues haven’t missed on yet, mainly due to the fact I have been a subscriber for a few years now. Not to digress too far from the topic at hand but being a subscriber is a funny situation because you are showing your loyalty faith in a media product, before you have even seen the cover, or had a flick through.

Over the past 18 months or so however I have been regularly disappointed with content, the magazine seems thinner, less innovative and as if it has been harassed by the volume of online content; what once was only in Vogue is now on countless websites and Instagram feeds far before the magazine arrives in my mailbox. And, what seems the most disappointing is that Vogue have somewhat struggled to present content in a way which has an original point of view, and seems refreshing amongst all the noise. With every blogger and their dog getting into fashion shows, the name Vogue seems to have lost a little of its weight.

In order to combat the online fashion scape, Vogue created it’s Style Spy stable of blogger’s in which their blogs would feature snippets of content before leading you to Vogue’s website. Whilst this may have increased circulation numbers on their website it seemed to work in isolation to its print counterpart.

Another article by Roy Morgan attributed growing magazine readership numbers to media brands consolidating their magazine content online. Personally I find reading such data and understanding where people are seeing this content quite tricky. In short, it seems, they are saying that more people are reading magazines; they just don’t need to own them.

Last month, Vogue arrived in the mailbox, looking somewhat similar to Net-A-Porter’s, Porter magazine. Squarer in shape and thinner in type, all round it-girl and seen in everything woman, Bella Hadid was on the cover with ‘close friend’ Jordan Barrett. The cover itself is nice sure, but having someone who is on all the covers is hardly innovative, but seems to be saying ‘we’re in on it too’, which leads me back to my initial issue (no pun intended) in regards to magazines.

Perhaps all of this is a sign that my tastes have changed when it comes to magazines and it’s got nothing to do with numbers or the redesign at all.

Give me something I haven’t seen before, or if I have, show it to me in a way which I haven’t seen it.

Do you read magazines?


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