Much like the slow food movement, my latest attempt to slow down the shopping habit* is all about taking things real slow, and you know, thinking before I buy.

Recently a friend told me about slow eating, like actually thinking about what you’re eating, taking your time and savoring the flavor. I think the idea is that you enjoy what you’re eating and as a result get full on less. As she was telling me this I was stuffing my face with a bag of chips and had just eaten five Lindt balls (I only wanted the white chocolate one to begin with). This made me reflect on the thoughtlessness of what I had just done, I was hungry and without even thinking ate everything in a matter of 10 minutes flat. Then it occurred to me, this was how I’d been shopping lately. In a frenzied and somewhat thoughtless state; like a tornado I whiz through every store perhaps panic buying a lot or wasting time buying nothing at all.

I am not sure where this obsessiveness came from but I am going to have to start implementing a cooling off period, say if I see something and still want it in a week or two I can buy it. I mean, shops get stock with such regularity now that things move insanely fast and I think I have gotten caught in this stupid cycle where I feel I have to keep up with the weekly drops of the high street stores. It sounds slightly nuts and perhaps it is but I am trying to put the breaks on. I am also trying not to quit altogether as I feel that I am setting myself up for failure. And as I don’t drink I have convinced myself that shopping is my free for all indulgence; another ridiculous justification which sounds as if I think that every time you drink you need to get pissed.

So what else can I do besides the cooling off period? Avoid the shops as is Sugar Mama’s advice. Unsubscribe from all the marketing emails and go through my wardrobe to make a list of gaps so if I do need anything I can look at that. I also used to be anti shopping for occasions but as I am typing this I’ve realised I don’t actually need anything. Maybe I should throw in the towel after all?

Any advice or similar stories?


*Perhaps labeling it has become a part of the problem?




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