Styling Ourselves

Long gone are the days of getting dressed, now it seems we are all styling our outfits.

It seems that styling ourselves is just another change in behavior heralded by fashion bloggers and the new media, just like hearing a video (not just of a certain kind) from the bathroom has become common place too. The rise of the personal brand means a different level of consideration is now taken. Perhaps it is because photo opportunities may present or the ritual of putting clothes on has hit a new level of self expression (or mimicry). Maybe the influx of images has changed our perceptions around looking good and there is this element of knowing better. That we ‘should’ be mindful of how we tuck things in or fold our sleeves; because it seems that, that in itself has become a quiet revolution, to simply make people think differently about doing something that they do anyway (unless you are a part of a nudist colony). The refreshing aspect of fashion bloggers was that they are (or were) celebrating personal style, breaking down the barriers between high fashion and the street, making it attainable and sharing it with the masses. What happens now that they are a new band of brand in their own right? Their often-mysterious relationship with brands means that sponsored posts can be hard to decipher and their opinion has a price. Or, perhaps that’s irrelevant and we should believe they truly love something if they are willing to sell it? Or further to that perhaps the whole idea of cash for comment is irrelevant in this space and we should just focus on what we ourselves are interested in. And perhaps that interest is inspiration for when we need to style ourselves.



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