I can count at least five things I have bought after seeing them on a blogger in the last few weeks or so. Not since I purchase Zoe Foster Blake’s first edition of Amazing Face have I gone on such a frenzy of shopping under very indirect tutelage.

Even as I type this I am wearing a shirt first seen on Lizzy Hadfield of Shot From the Street. And it should be said now that she is the one having the most effect on me at the moment in terms of needing graphic tees, braving shopping in pounds (I am not sure why I was so against this?) and finally committing to a pair of Grlfrnd jeans, which I had to send back.

It is important to note that these six items (I remembered another whilst writing the last paragraph) are exact items. This doesn’t cover all the items I may have bought indirectly; hoop earrings of a certain style, fish net socks and dark wash denim (as I feel like I am sensing that’s where denim is headed).

Much research has been done into the influence of bloggers on purchasing habits. This body of work speaks about the relationship the audience has with the blogger, the trustworthiness and the authenticity. What I am yet to read, but I can imagine we can all relate is just how easy it to purchase these items in the first place.

When I first read Amazing Face, I went to Priceline and various other shops armed with a list ‘highlighter, eyelash curler, woolshake (a product for curly hair, even though mine is dead straight)’, and anything else I had never needed but now did so desperately. Perhaps these two times I was feeling very susceptible to direction. Not trusting my own opinions of late I have been turning towards whatever I can to gain a bit of clarity. Wanting to be more fun I have purchased a whole heap of slogan tshirts (see the earlier point about Lizzy Hadfield) as I have always associated non-plain tees with frivolity. I am not sure why either… however I’m getting off topic.

Now, I see a piece I like and I can get access to it IMMEDIATELY, even if I stalk it online for a few days, cookies ensure I see it again and again and again. Until I decide to just simply bite the bullet so I can stop thinking about it, and you know, get distracted by the next thing.

I have also read magazines for years and never experienced as many must-have copy cat tendencies as I do now. What once inspired has now turned into a rigid, if it’s not that it’s not anything attitude.

I won’t talk about how we live in a capitalist society or fast fashion or any of that, because whilst they play a role, ultimately we are in charge of our own choices but far out have I been making some dumb ones lately, and as if I’m under the influence I can’t stop, I am hitting PAY NOW quicker than I can actually think about what I am about to do. After pay, haul videos, labeling everything as an ‘essential’ and must-have items which update all the boring items you bought two weeks ago just further muddy the waters.

So how do we jump off this cycle? I’m going to have a think about it and get back to you.

Do you guys go through stages like this?




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