Who Do You See When You Turn On the TV?

Lacking inspiration, I have been looking outwards for some kind of an anchor point to help me evolve with my style, and in some ways, life in general. Like most people when seeking you start searching and the Internet, along with many different forms of media come into play. Whilst the books, magazines and music available to us, can easily provide escapism looking for a reflection as a bouncing off point can be a lot harder.

As a woman in my late (mid-late?) twenties I wonder of the TV shows that are meant to best represent my life. Not to assume that there is a one size fits all approach but something that speaks about what’s going on in every day life. Is it Lena Dunham’s Girls? A show that has received critical acclaim but that I just don’t understand because I’ve not lived that life, and really, neither has anyone else I know. Perhaps it’s meant to be Sex and The City, a show that is still quoted and referred to years on. But does anybody have those experiences. Are they are true account of female friendships? I mean they are someone’s account sure. But I haven’t had a group of girlfriends since I was 16; now we are segmented all over the place, one on one being the new norm.

I am not dismissing the experiences shared with us, saying that they aren’t exactly like mine therefore they aren’t valid but these constructs are exactly that, constructed. Even the ‘real’ lives of ‘real’ people I look to for outfit inspiration on Instagram lack the awkward uncertainty with which we navigate life. The crying in the bathroom, the not knowing what to say and that sometimes when you laugh, even with that joy radiating out of you, you look really quite non photogenic.

I think that this is why I love magazines so much. The slower pace means that there is a different curation of sorts; you can return time and time again uncovering something different, and they capture the time in which they are created and freeze it, becoming mini archives. The different sections seem to reflect the many assets of our personalities. And there is something about the words, written by people who write with anonymity, that as individuals to contribute to the group. It’s nice.

I once read that magazines are the most feminist of the media as they are written by women for women. Sure, this can’t be said for all of them, but for certain ones, like The Gentlewoman, each article makes me want to write better, learn better and just generally be better. The same effect a conversation with a really close girlfriend has.

I should say I have taken a big break in trying to finish this piece. I keep thinking of women like Murphy Brown, the sisters (and brother) in Raised By Wolves and the writers of Man Repeller. This isn’t to end on a high sappy note negating the first section, but perhaps that on each different day different representations speak to different parts of us.

But, I still don’t get Sex and the City.

So, who do you see when you turn on the TV?

– Tash


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