Why Doesn’t That Look Like On Me?

I used to have a green army parka; it was from Roxy, brand I don’t keep too many tabs on these days, and basically made me look like a park ranger. I was 16 or 17, and whilst I am not sure what look I was going for, I am pretty sure park ranger was not it. Once I was out at Shoppingtown or Shoppo for the initiated and I saw a woman, wearing said jacket and she looked sexy with like three x’s sexy and as she sauntered past with it nonchalantly hanging off her shoulder, I turned to my friend and asked her why I didn’t look like that in my jacket, to which she replied something to the effect of that the woman just looked ‘different’.

I often think about this when I am inspired to buy something after seeing it on someone else, or even online, that the person I have seen it on whether it be in real life or on Instagram just looks different to me; and this is not always an easy pill to swallow especially when you think that buying said item will miraculously turn you into that person, indoor plants and all. I recently noticed a post on Chloe Morello’s instagram (above) which basically brought to surface all the same insecurities, which was interesting to me because she I have no doubt is the envy of many for many a reason. Perhaps we are all trying to capture an attitude which seems unattainable, or maybe we do all look like that person we are aspiring to be but we are being all so hard on ourselves we don’t even realise? All these images make it pretty easy to compare and at time feel inspired to the point of being overwhelmed.

I can spout many life lessons here; love yourself, everyone is unique yada yada, but basically inspiration not imitation is perhaps the way forward you know…

What are your thoughts?


Picture from here


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