The Sentimentality Of Fashion

Recently I found myself in change room trying on overalls. Overalls! As I was trying them on a line I had read in a very old issue of InStyle magazine  which was explaining the trend of hot pants and had said, ‘If it’s your second time at the rodeo, don’t get on the horse.’ which hit on the niggling idea that I was in fact too old for overalls, and even more than this I had already had my time with this trend, so it was time to find another way to tackle it. I guess it was that realisation that I am at the age where I have seen trends go around at least once.

Fashion is cyclical, and as much as it evolves, tapping back into a trend we have before has the power to transport us back to another time, even channel a different version of ourselves and in some ways that’s great and in others not so much.Two purses I have bought are a good examples of this. One was a panda beaded thing. The panda I was allowed to buy one year whilst out boxing day shopping, for $9.95 it was my ‘superfluous’ purchase for the day. The second was a Barbie and Mimco purse was the first limited edition piece I bought on the day of it’s release. There is a huge amount of nostalgia for me with that doll and I felt the purse paid homage to it in a really mature way which felt good. The overalls, the overalls felt like I was trying to be 13 again, and I just can’t get behind the idea that heels will dress overalls up.

Certain items remind us of people, of times and of certain aspects of ourselves and it’s comforting to be able to get tap into that. Trends allow society to do the same thing, the minimal trend could be seen to negate the overloading of overbearing noise which comes from the media. The relaxed shirting and easy hair seen all over Instagram seem to mirror the freelance-slashie lifestyle on the rise, an antidote to the tailored matching suits of the 9-5 we don’t feel we should adhere to. And even if we are living that life now, sneakers with oversized shirts on the weekend take us back to when that was our life all of the time.

I’ll wrap it up before I start talking about fashion reflecting society (another of my favourite topics) but what about you? What is your most sentimental item?



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