The Return Of Maximalism

It seems it’s been brewing for a while, the return of colour, the return of non-capsule wardrobes and jewelry that isn’t delicate, nails that aren’t barely there and pants with details you can actually see without having to be in the know to see them.

Fashion does this though doesn’t it? The excessive gets too much and then we wash it away with the neutrals and the basics until we get sick of the nothingness we once took solace in and drench ourselves in excess again. For a while we have been quiet and understated, shoes may have been upwards of how ever many dollars but you shouldn’t know. Logo-less jeans became logos in themselves and the mundane took centre place, like that Vetements DHL t-shirt I don’t quite understand. It seems then, that this understatedness became the highest form of luxury, you know the Celine’s and The Row’s. Perfect in everyway, ridiculously complicated whilst incredibly simple. This luxury then filtered down to the high street and we turned the volume up on it. Black and white, rose gold etc. etc.

But now, perhaps in thank you to Gucci’s new form of luxury we are seeing pattern again, and logos and new symbols of being in on it, all of which aren’t subtle. Loewe’s ‘Filipa’ sunglasses* aren’t barely there like the razor sharp Dior’s of seasons before them.

So, like always, this must say something about us. We are a loud society. Look at social media in which some share their every move. Perhaps we actually want to be seen, stand out, shout out even, because these bows and sequins and patterns aren’t for being quiet. Or perhaps we will get quieter in voice, letting our clothes do even more talking. Is this further proof of us focusing on the visuals than the content? Or maybe it’s just fun. The palette cleanser, except in reverse.

Whatever it means, I think if you’re going to get in on this trend you’re going to have to talk about it, because people will want to know where you got those pants from, because it’s refreshing.


*I think I eBay and Gumtree these more than anything else, hoping to get lucky, like how I think I’m going to find a Chanel 2.55, Givenchy Pandora or that greige Celine bag from 2009 in an op-shop. Keep dreaming.



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