The Podcast: Talking (no) Makeup

This is a podcast when I was smack bang in the middle of a no makeup phase. A conscious decision I made.

I  used to love makeup so much. Like more than life itself. Ever since sitting down at a makeup chair at Mecca I was absolutely hooked on it. I loved it’s transformative powers, how it made my eyes look, how much healthier I seemed to look with it on, even when I felt like shit. I was obsessed to the point where I would stalk beauty forums and find whatever blogs I could. There wasn’t information like there is now and if I had of known I could, I would have started a YouTube channel so I could talk about my favourite stuff. Working at Priceline only fuelled this obsession and I became a ‘collector’ of sorts, blush was my favourite, closely followed highlighters and then mascara.

But then my skin was at it’s worst, the application became laborious and it took all the fun out of it. The final straw was when I had to make the switch to mineral makeup and gave away all my good stuff because it was part of the reason I kept breaking out, and/or had acne that would not budge no matter what I did. Even after making this switch I felt too embarrassed to go out without makeup. And then after Christmas last year I decided to give my skin a break; I went away with friends and didn’t take any with me, I then wanted to see if I could get through a month without it. That month has grown and now I’ve just hit three. I’m aware that this may seem ridiculous to some but even some days it feels really unnatural to not wear it.

Throughout this process I became really fascinated by a few different things in regards to the whole makeup topic.

I wanted to know more about how people got into makeup, why they do or don’t wear it (and why), what it says about them and where they get their inspiration from. Not to mention just the whole ‘talking makeup’ thing in general.

So here is a podcast* in which I interviewed my mum, two sisters and even my dad to talk all the above. I’m really excited to share this.

I’ve had quite a few realisations about makeup and what it means to each of us. This past few months has changed how I feel about it too (but all of that is in said podcast). I am however, getting back into the saddle today which feels kinda weird and I’m sure I’ll wear more highlighter than necessary but makeup is meant to be fun, so cheers to that!

A big thank you to AS, VS, MS and RS for taking part, and to you for listening.

Would love to hear your feedback and your thoughts on the topics discussed. Let me know if there are any other topics you would like to see under the spotlight.


*Please imagine your own intro music at the start because I haven’t quite gotten there.

Picture from an exhibition in Adelaide, and I am struggling to remember which one…sorry!


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