The Hugging Generation

Imagine this, you’re at a social occasion and you’re being introduced to someone for the first time, as you stand there awkwardly unsure as to how this is going to play out they start to brashly throw their arms around you and before you can do anything about it you feel like you’re being hugged by a pair of tongs that went a little bit skewiff in the dishwasher. Then to top it all of they either hover their head near yours, kiss you on the neck or smack their cheek into yours in some kind of affectionate headbutt.

Now, I am not one of those people who is anti-hug. I mean, between friends, all for it. Hell, I’ll even give you a hug if we just met and had a really great conversation. But hugs for the sake of hugs? I don’t think so. I mean what’s wrong with a really good handshake (I know I could do with some more practice), or even a European style kiss on each cheek? At least we know the parameters of those social conventions, because here’s the other thing about hugs, there are too many variables; how long should it be? Should our bodies touch…? Okay now you’re pushing my boobs down etc. etc.

Our generation’s really nice but maybe stalking people on social media and counting friends has led us to think that we know people sooner than we do. I mean I know I have been introduced to someone IRL (yes, I said it) for the first time and have had to stop myself from giving the Instagram stalk game away. Maybe this has led us to a false sense of boundaries so we just go round hugging everyone. Kissing might seem more intimate but it does seem a little more adult doesn’t it? And we don’t have to worry about distance or accidentally kissing someone’s clavicle.

I don’t want to eliminate hugs altogether, as I said, between friends and family, awesome. But let’s eliminate hugs for the sake of hugs, now I’m getting quite rant-y about it I might go and start a campaign… like ‘no free hugs’ or ‘save your hugs.

I could just be really bitter so am keen to know what you all think.


Picture from here.


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