The Digital Influencer

How social media has what it means to be influential in a contemporary society.

Scrolling through Tash Sefton’s Instagram I saw a post on Seed. The style of caption is something you are probably familiar with. It read:

 As you know I’m a fan of @seedheritage & so happy they now have sportswear in their collection #seedsport #seedheritage #shinfluencer

Digital Influencer.

Numerous Instagram bio’s, hastags and article bylines on sites that use a lot of water colour have introduced us to this term, or, dare I say it, job title. In its simplest form, a digital influence has the ability to influence people via the internet. I’m a genius I know. But what exactly are they influencing? The most obvious answer seems to be our shopping habits.

Now I am a huge proponent of who we are being represented by what we wear. In fact, I don’t think I’ve discussed anything on this site quite as much. But the digital influencing? Well, it seems relentless.

Whether we are being championed to purchase a new lipstick, bag, or like in the case of the above sportswear, it seems we are being asked to buy into a lifestyle via these habits.

Perhaps I am being too simplistic perhaps we are being influenced to work harder, live our best life etc. through these Digital Influencer’s but judging by the comments in the realm of, oh to live your life and what do you do to afford this, we might still be missing the point. These people are walking billboards who are paid to travel around and make us covet stuff. I’m not suggesting they don’t work, or work hard for that matter but what’s the difference between these Instagram profiles and a Danoz informercial? We aren’t getting an extra set of fry pans.

Oprah is influential. Barack Obama is influential. Beyonce is the ultimate. But nobody’s Instagram posts make me want anything or encourage me to purchase. They just make me want to work fuck loads harder than I am. Not search the internet for hours to find the can’t live without jeans I can’t afford in the first place.

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