The Bursting Bubble Of Trends

Sometimes* I find myself fixated on popular culture, and within that, the specific trends we see pervade and evolve across cultural groups in the public sphere. I find it endlessly fascinating as to what sticks, what doesn’t and how it ends up, like a trend/pop culture game of ‘Chinese whispers’. Lately what has been capturing my attention is the rise of the RnB bubble. From music to language to music this genre is e v e r y w h e r e (it must be noted I am speaking from the perspective of a Melbournian**). Now I realise that the popularity of RnB is not new, but perhaps it is it’s popularity amongst so many different cultural groups and so many spheres that has made me notice it more, I mean Taylor Swift’s collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, Yeezy on the cover of Japanese Vogue… I love this I really do because what is the purpose of popular culture if not to be regurgitated as much as it can be, before lying dormant and appropriated again? It tells us so much about society. It’s just when it feels like the bubble is about to burst, it’s always fascinating to look at what will be next. Any guesses? Or am I calling this one prematurely?


*It’s more like all of the time to be honest.

**Context is just as fascinating really.


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