Pink Again

Vans, pink pants and lots of navy. Oh and Birckenstocks, heaps of Birckenstocks. These seem to be all of the things I’m wearing, coveting and dreaming about. I’ve spoken about the sentimentality of fashion before but none seem more prevalent right now then all the pink that’s appearing, well according to Lauren Schwartzberg, everywhere.

Have you seen all the fuss about millenial pink?  I find this kind of sociological shit fascinating. I had kind of ignored the rise of the colour pink, thinking it was just a trend thing but in the last few weeks I have bought two pink tops and one pair of pink trousers. Sure, Shot From the Street had a lot to do with the pants in question, but the first top? I was on the look out for something ‘fun’, something that had nothing to do with work and something that felt ‘me’ and before I knew it I had purchased a top that I would have loved when I was a teen. The articles discuss the reframing of this colour along with our need to capture some level of nostalgia and recreate our childhood. It seems that in some cases both can apply. Long ignoring this colour because it felt too girly I’m finally at an age now where I am no longer worried about that, in fact feeling girly is not something I’m at risk of after going so far in the other direction. It’s funny because I often justify this obsession by saying ‘I’ve always loved pink’ which is the whole bloody point I guess. And now I’m writing about it.

I have tried on about five pairs of overalls lately, even after writing this piece and as much as I try that’s something I can’t recapture.


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