Marie Kondo and The eBay Obsession: Will I Ever Be A True Minimalist?

 Probs not. Okay we can all go home now. KIIIDDDDIINNNNGGG.

I may have written about my Marie Kondo love before but I am still on this bandwagon. The clearing out/shopping/eBay bandwagon which takes up way more headspace than it should. Seriously. I thought culling was meant to make life simpler, not make me second guess whether I still, in fact I have too much stuff?

I have started to realise, perhaps a little belatedly, that, this clear out stuff, in one way, is all just a big test as to whether I can indeed let go of certain aspects of my life and in turn myself. Or perhaps I’m being way too deep and I don’t want to get rid of either of my Sass & Bide laser cut totes because I think I will regret it one day.

That was one of the aspects of the Netflix documentary ‘The Minimalist’ that felt like an oversight. No one really spoke about how difficult it was to get rid of their stuff; it seemed all hipster you don’t need it, quite your job etc. etc. (I’m being dramatic) but no one tapped into the somewhat unreasonable feelings we have when it comes to hanging on to things; even if we know we don’t use them.

Either way I am still obsessed with the idea of clearing stuff out so I put a whole heap of my belongings in a plastic tub to see if I will reach for them and if not, I plan to sell that stuff.

But maybe by that point I’ll be happy to just to let the bloody things go and actually reap the rewards of a clear mind this minimalism gig is meant to promise.

Photo is from when I went to Noosa at the beginning of 2016. 


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