Is Anyone Else Feeling The Pressure To Look Good 24/7 Exhausting?

I find taking care of myself exhausting. And I don’t mean in a get out of bed, picking an outfit kind of way, though sometimes I find that a bit tricky too. I mean more of a getting your eyebrows done/moisturizing your legs/drinking enough water/putting hand cream on to avoid hangnails kind of way exhausting. I’m in two minds about it, on one hand I like to take care of myself- feel good look good, look good feel good etc. but on the other I find it draining to have hair free, non-dry legs amongst other things. I feel like I am constantly thinking, ‘oh I need to do my nails’ or ‘I need to stop eating potato chips because my digestive system hates me.’

The rise of social media seems to have made this worse. I feel like I need to be on my game because everybody bar a few sure as hell look like they are. Which leads me to the second point, everybody on social media looks incredible and put together ALL THE TIME. Nobody seems to go down to their shops in their (non active wear) tracksuit pants, it’s #ootd all days. Reality TV, street style, YouTube, blogs and Instagram means that we see people looking good in a way which isn’t attainable every day. And even though I tell myself that this is a curated portion of life, I still feel like shit because I feel like those people look better just grabbing a coffee than I ever will, especially on the days I can’t do the top button of my jeans up.

I know this past week there has been some news in the media about the model who quit Insta which has us questioning the authenticity of such a medium. I’m not really that across it, nor am I fully aware of what she’s up to now which has people questioning her motives. However, the point remains we are connected all the time, on all the time and there doesn’t seem to be too much room to just be a little below average. Even being ‘natural’ takes a hell of a lot of work. And that’s before you even use at least 5 or so products to achieve the ‘I’m not wearing any makeup’ makeup look. Sometimes I wonder if the women we see in media ever skip their eyebrow appointment because they can’t be bothered.

I know that if you look good you feel good and if you feel good that comes across too. There is a lot of merit in taking care of yourself and pride in your appearance but sometimes I feel like my body is working against me and there is no media which seems to reflect this, it’s all aspirational. No murky coloured sports socks or bleach stained tracksuit pants. Not even poorly tended to cuticles. It’s just so ironic that being effortless takes a f*ck load of effort.


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