Horoscopes, Psychics and Daily Life…Oh My.

I am a big believer in star signs. Any kind of positive traits of (insert sign here), daily horoscope or yearly overview and I have my diary out writing down key dates, seriously. I think this is because one of my biggest reasons for stress is that I have an incredibly hard time believing that it will all be okay. I am either lamenting something over that has happened and that I can’t change or stressing over something which hasn’t even, and probably won’t even, occur. Does anyone else do this?

I have a feeling it’s do with a couple of things but the main one being I follow no religion with any formal worship and horoscopes give me the belief that everything will indeed be okay. They also give me the impression that there is more to us than blood and bone you know? Though interestingly enough, each psychic I have seen has been religious… Last time I went everyone I told seemed to think I was going to follow the psychic’s word to a tee, I received a lot of warning and lectures and ‘you can go if you want but just make sure…’ which made me want to go even more.

A couple of months ago, a magazine (Vogue? Elle?) spoke about how spiritual guidance were the new professionals in our lives. I do find that the more fluid our society becomes the harder it is to control every aspect. I mean, thanks to Google, I can find out pretty much everything, except I can’t google ‘When will X Y or Z happen?’ Seeing these people does take some of the pressure off but I also thinks it allows us to check in with ourselves in the same way seeing a doctor or other medical professional does.

I used to read my star sign every morning but I haven’t been lately. I don’t think it signals any big shift, but perhaps I am just starting to trust that perhaps not every minute of every day, but overall shit will fall into place. I mean, I don’t mean to get too deep but the one thing you can be fucking sure of, is that time will pass.

Oh and I’m a Virgo, and all the stereotypes, in my case, seem to be true.



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