F*ck This Shit

Innovative. Groundbreaking. Trail-blazer. One of a kind.

None of the above are words I would use to describe myself, unless they have the word ‘not’ in front of them. Or after them, if people are still making not jokes you know. I’m no one special, I have nothing famous to my name. Instagram’s new algorithm means I have even less chance of building a following and my blog is only seen by a few people. And I think even the term ‘a few’ is generous And last time I asked, neither of my sisters was willing to make a sex tape in order to catapult us into the famous for being famous with no actual substance category. Which means we have to work day jobs to make a living. What. The. Fuck. Or do we?

Enter YouTube the free broadcasting platform which makes everyone a movie star, and the rest of the social media which seems to make everyone thing that their food should be pretty and people actually care about every. single. thought. that comes out of one’s head.

I am not one to take a wholly dystopian view when it comes to the internet; I am constantly amazed and humbled by what this technology and globalisation have afforded us but I still struggle to find my feet in this vast space that is the internet. You’re meant to write what you know, or what you’d like to read but my favourite thing to read it Maeve Binchy because I’m never sat their thinking that the clock is ticking and if I had just started this…

I’ll stop before I overwhelm or underwhelm my audience. The purpose of this post is not to  whinge or complain that I should be sitting on a digital blogging panel somewhere but more to be a circuit breaker… let’s regroup and go again.


Image from TheyAllHateUs


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