Dressing For Your Age

I stopped wearing ripped jeans when I turned 25. I felt that hitting my 25th birthday was a big milestone and I had to step it up in different ways, putting away my destroyed denim was a sartorial emancipation of sorts.

I am always hesitant to broach the topic of dressing for your age and I tend to have a love/hate relationship with specials pertaining to this topic; generally because I tend to feel that there is always a sense of novelty when it comes to mentioning women’s ages in the media. There always tends to be a tone of disbelief ‘Can you believe she looks like this and she is (insert incredible age here)?’. The optimist in me says that this could herald a celebration which occurs, we live longer we are successful and we look good, and hopefully this is a reflection of the fact we feel good. Though I do feel it is another voice in the media, telling a woman how she should act and behave.

Lancome have recently released a campaign with the slogan ‘Love Your Age’, naturally the campaign is filled with their gorgeous ambassadors, however the ‘oldest’ of the group is Penelop Cruz, and she is 40. 40! I would hardly call that elderly. All I can take from this is that you should love your age, until you turn 40… after that we won’t represent you, but we will sure as hell make you insecure enough to buy our products. Campaigns such as these reiterate to me that we do seem to be a culture obsessed with maintaining a sense of youth, yet it seems to go both ways as older women and young girls alike mirror attitudes and outfits; black bandage skirts and ankle boots have no age limits. The rise of young girls with Instagram accounts is somewhat unbelievable; penned by their parents, they feature these young girls posing in a way similar to their older counterparts.

Sure there is a certain celebratory vibe which comes from certain media outlets; blogs such as Advanced Style and Francois Nars’ campaigns are good examples of this. My intent is not to deflate these young women or take out the fun but it does seem that whilst young girls have the choice to dress like their adult counterparts, women over 40 are scarcely represented and if they are, they are often being praised it is for the ability to maintain a level of youthfulness above their peers.

I do believe that anyone should be able to wear whatever the fuck they want. I just think we should enjoy what comes with a certain age; not try to rush past it or hang on to it.


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