Don’t Quote Me On That

In the visual age the written word seems to have found a new relevance.

Recently whilst flicking through the photos on my phone I realised that the type of photo in my album most** are screen shots of quotes I have seen and saved, striking something within me at the time and more importantly resonating with me to the point where I think I may need to one day pull them up again when I may need it. The funny thing is I don’t think I ever do, because when I really feel like shit, reading ‘What’s meant to be will always find a way’ or ‘Do more of what makes you happy’ doesn’t do anything for me, because right there in that moment the small sentiment is small enough to be dismissed, because reality is I still have to deal with reality.

Life, Typo and social media seem to be littered with these pearls of wisdom at the moment. At the time of writing this article the Instagram #quote 32,491,240 contained #quotes, 24,991,979 and coming in third #quoteoftheday which had 10, 272,078 posts.

Perhaps the rise of illustration and, for lack of a better word, calligraphy has fuelled this, because in a visual society the written word seems to bare new relevance. Generally they look fantastic, they’re affirmative (in one way or another, I mean, I do have a picture saved from They All Hate Us which says ‘Please f*ck off’. Thank You’) and can provide a little boost in a moment when you might need it, and repeated enough they can often become mantras repeated almost religiously as one might need.

Another thing to consider is another use of social media, as much as it can give us serious FOMO there is a continual connection happening. Not a new idea I know, but something to consider all the same.

Funnily enough the quotes I remember I didn’t find on social media, but perhaps not having my phone I was forced to remember them. Little tips like ‘Make your words tender for someday you may have to eat them’ (The Women’s Weekly, Pearls of Wisdom’) or ‘Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday’ (in a page of The Sisterhood of the Traveling pants’ and even ‘Reality is something you have to rise above’ – Liza Minnelli (my work desk calendar) have all served their purpose and continue to do so.

What do you think of all these quotes, and do you have a favourite?


*And don’t quote me on the ridiculously unoriginal title of this post. We will get there.

** Second to these are the pictures I take of a locked screen when trying to take said screen shots

Pic source unknown. 


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