Do We Live The Lives Of Others More Than Our Own?

Another social media conundrum…

I sat down to write an article a few days ago, but thing is, I got distracted. It’s a familiar story; open Instagram, see a blogger wearing a dress, look at the brand’s instagram page. Look up the dress online, look up the founder on Instagram, read articles about the dress, and then end up on the blog of the founder of the fashion brand*.

This is not an unusual situation, you hear of YouTube holes, those who scroll through Instagram and accidentally like a photo of a wedding of their friend’s cousin’s best friend from 67 weeks ago and late night shopping binges, just cause.

And this is the kind of stuff that happens when I’m not even thinking. Then there is that I purposely seek out. Every day I deliberately consume content from bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers, and I become highly distracted by it. In fact, sometimes I feel that consume so much of their creations, that my own get left by the wayside, I become fixated more on their outfits than my own and begin to mimic as opposed to trying to work out what it is in fact I would like to wear, do or say. Even small bullshit like not living in an apartment that is completely white with copper accent can’t start worming its way into your mind if you look at this stuff at the wrong time.

But what do we do? People are brands. I’m not suggesting we throw our hands up in the air and think that this is it but a lot of these digital influencers are young. They claim it all just happened and they had nothing to do with it. Even if they work really hard and make it all seem easy at honing in that personal brand; it seems that being yourself is simultaneously one of the hardest and easiest things to do.

Texts, whether it be books, TV shows or Instagram posts have always acted as a path to escapism. But what happens when we are escaping into the constructed lives of others, of real people whose brands are themselves, and their lifestyle? Well, they are trying to sell it to us. Whether for profit or likes (though I argue, what’s the difference)?

I don’t smoke because I know it’s not good from me and I gave up alcohol because it made me feel like shit. I enjoy this stuff but wonder how I can strike the balance from enjoying and being inspired to letting it consume me and distract me from real life. And by real life, I mean mine.


*The chain of events went Shot From The Street, Realisation Par, Alexander Spencer and then 4th and Bleeker.


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