Desk To Date/ Work To Weekend? Double Duty

Is it time to stop wearing the same clothes you do to work as you do on the weekend for the sake of creating boundaries?

I’m assuming the title of this article are phrases that you’ve heard before. The idea of the cost per wear investment piece means that we are forever justifying to ourselves just how many situations we can wear certain things in, but I’m starting to wonder if wearing something between the hours of 9-5, Monday to Friday is enough. The reason? Top create some space between work and the rest of my life.

I think this is harder when your work dress code is that there is no dress code because you can get away with a lot more. The past few years has seen a huge change in dress codes, denim and sneakers go places they wouldn’t have previously and the same goes for a blazer and on one hand, I think it’s great. We should be able to inject personality into our outfits all the time but reality is  I don’t want to wear the same shoes to coffee on the weekend as I do to planning meetings with my colleagues.

Sure, having two wardrobes is costly and not practical. Also, there are some things you want to wear all the time and do transcend boundaries (like a leather jacket) but I like putting on my ridiculous t-shirt with moons and skeletons when it’s time for the weekend and packing my favourite leather tote for the serious Monday to Friday shit.

Perhaps it’s more about representing each side of yourself adequately to, I have a tendency to dress down all the time and I wonder what that does to my productivity and feelings of, you know, owning it.

What do you think? Do you think all clothes should do double duty?


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