At Work: Hallway Chats

The modern workplace is a bloody moral minefield. Hallway chats are something I need to stop walking into. Pardon the pun. 

Hallway chats are like some weird pressured game in which you start with ‘Nice shoes’ and end with ‘My neighbours daughter visits once a week and said the same thing’. I think that it’s got to do with the weird time constraints and passing of one another.

Towards the end of last year I made a vow that I would stop making conversation in the corridors at work. Mainly because I always seemed to talk in a weird tone or at an unnecessary volume and say something which makes me swatting my forehead when I’m done. I have started a new job and this has slipped again. Being new is tough because you’re doing personal PR and trying not to forget to do what they’re actually paying you to do. But perhaps that is a conversation for another time?

Work politics are hard but I think it can be difficult to draw the line between making friends and making colleagues. Like, I think I should care if so and so’s driveway is finished or whether someone else managed to do that thing they were saying to do but none of these things make me better at my job. They just get me into conversations in which afterwards I feel like a complete putz.

So here’s to being professional and focusing on the tasks at hand, and a polite smile in the hallway.


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