A Shopping Addiction And The Rise Of The Anti Haul

Addicted to shopping? It’s a thing. I googled it.

You may have noticed that the ‘anti haul’ is a tag that’s popping up more and more on YouTube. People running through items they’re not going to buy and why. I wonder if choosing not to buy something gives you the same kind of rush. But the cynic in me wonders how much stuff bloggers and vloggers purchase in the first place.

I can often feel like I have no control when it comes to shopping. I see. I want. I do some maths, picture the thousand ways I’m going to wear it and then I must make it mine. Dramatic? Totally. Necessary? No. But it sure feels it, and herein lies the problem.

It occurred to me the other day that I have this weird relationship when it comes to the shops. I have labelled it ‘my thing’, so I feel some kind of competitive need to shop a lot or something. I also just like having stuff even though I am trying the minimalism thing. 

Like most people who are looking for answers I turned to Google. I found a whole bunch of articles on the issue and two points which pretty much cemented the whole deal.

  • buying something brings you a rush of adrenalin and anxiety at the same time.
  • (people shop) to counteract a sense of emptiness, boredom, or void in their lives
  • (people buy something) because they are not fully focused when making a purchase


So being me I vowed to give it up which has sent me on some refund/perfect black jumper/pink pant buying frenzy.

As you can see I haven’t really tackled this yet but I am going to try.

What do you think of the anti haul?



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